Body Mind Cycling High Intensity Strength & Conditionning

Circuit Training

Circuit training with short recovery phases in order to boost your metabolism and to train each part of your body


Body Pump

Muscular strengthening class in which all muscle groups are worked with weights on a bar



Class which improves balance between chains of muscle, posture and silhouette and strengthens the body’s core. Mat or Reformer (3 people).



A cardio workout on the bike focusing on raising the heart rate. Using a heart rate monitor in this class as well as adapted shoes is a nice-to-have

Legs, Bums & Tums

Body-toning and conditioning workout focusing on problem areas like thighs, bottoms and the stomach


A revolutionary suspension fitness workout that uses gravity against the individual’s own body weight to simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and core stability


Personal Training

Personal Training sessions will give you the possibility to follow a workout 100% adapted to your level and taking into account your goals. A unique session will allow you to focus on the technical aspects of one or more disciplines (Pilates, Body Pump …), or to assess your fitness level and then decide what will be the best adapted collective classes. A package of sessions will guarantee motivation and progression with a 100% personalized follow-up … .and all the chances to achieve greater results than you would on your own



A class to improve your flexibility and joint mobility

Braderie de Stockel

October 5th & 6th


On all Small Group Training packs
of minimum 10 sessions